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    Pole dance which has emerged in the 12th century in Far-East was staged as a show of force rather than a dance. The dance, which has done to increase the power of the extremities and to prove their strength on a vertical pole was done by men at first. By using on strip shows in Canada, in 80’s, It has become a popular show of the night life. But also, It has brought some other prejudices with it.

    Today, pole dance which has become popular again, has a a great willing in Turkey, too. It has a population from professional dancers to people who try to learn by setting poles to their homes. When pole dance is taught by right teachers, It is a dance which provides a lot of benefits. If a disciplined work is done, all the training sessions are attended once a week in order, It will tighten the biceps. It is possible that the men has a great interest on this dance, by this way. Therewithal, when It is thought that 600-800 calories is burned per seance, It is possible to say pole dancing will be a kind of dance which is about losing weight not only women but also men.

    The most important benefit of pole dancing is almost getting all the muscles actuated. While the body is getting fit and more flexible, all the muscles and joints almost actuate at the same time. However, before beginning pole dance training sessions, the muscles must be ready by doing warm-up exercises. Also, the training sessions must be followed carefully and mustn’t be emerged out of instructions of trainers. To do unprepared acrobatic movements may cause serious disabilities.

  • Posted by julie debbas on 4 February 2019 at 13:20

    Hello, I’m interested in taking a month intensive course in either April or May 2019. I would like to know more details please. How can i enroll? How many hours per day? what would be the fees?
    Thank you for your prompt reply.


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